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Apostles Are Fathers, (And Mothers)

by Lloyd Phillips

Apostles Are Fathers, (And Mothers) We live in exciting days. Days in which the Holy Spirit is accomplishing so many great and mighty things in preparation for the last days harvesting. He is fully restoring the five fold gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelist, shepherds, and teachers to the church so that the saints can be […]

The Goose, the Swan and the Fires of Reformation

by Lloyd Phillips

October 31, 2017 About 600 years ago a Bohemian priest and theologian, Jon Huss, was burned at the stake as a heretic. He had gotten into trouble with the Roman Catholic Church for bringing up a number of issues which he felt needed to be corrected. He denounced the failings of the clergy, not unlike […]

Apostles and Prophets Teaming Together

by Lloyd Phillips

Apostles and Prophets Teaming Together Apostles and prophets are the foundational ministries of the church (Eph 2:20). While the foundation of the universal church was laid by Jesus, and established by his twelve apostles of the Lamb, each generation of the church age must have the foundation re-laid and confirmed in order to remain on […]

Perfecting the Prophetic Ministry

by Lloyd Phillips

Perfecting the Prophetic Ministry All Christians should strive for mastery in every endeavor and especially in their divine gifts and callings. The apostle Paul expressed to us in Eph 4 that the ascension ministries were given by the Lord to help perfect & equip the believers in their Godly service. While the spirit given to […]

Racism is the Root of Gun Control

by chris stratton

Racism is the Root of Gun Control Some many years ago while on an extended time of prayer and fasting in the beautiful and rugged mountains of central Idaho I came across a wooden Forest Service sign. I took the time to read the sign which said China Springs. The sign gave a troubling story. […]